ICMC 2019: Hot Topics & Highlights

Nithya Rachamadugu


Senior Director, Common Criteria & FIPS 140-2 Labs

Cygnacom played a central role in the seventh annual ICMC, May 14-17 in Vancouver, Canada. In addition to two featured presentations from Cygnacom experts, I was invited to give the event's closing remarks. We’re recapping the highlights and hot topics from ICMC19, in case you were unable to attend the event, or just weren’t able to make it to every session and every booth that interested you.

Hot Topics from the ICMC Conference

As always, there was a tremendous amount of knowledge exchanged between some of the best minds in the industry. Here are a few of the topics that generated the most buzz:


IoT continues to be one of the common threads woven throughout just about every topic at ICMC. Track sessions focused on the latest developments in IoT standardization, the frontier of enabling secure IoT payments, the new Eurosmart IoT device certification scheme, and the unique challenge of IoT TLS.

Quantum Computing/Post-Quantum Crypto

ICMC19 dedicated an entire track to the topic of Post-Quantum Crypto, with lots of timely information on how quantum computing will increasingly impact your security operations in the future – and, specifically, the threat that quantum computers pose to cryptographic systems. Several sessions also provided guidance on how to move forward with post-quantum cryptography and moving toward standardized, quantum-ready algorithms.

Open-Source Crypto

The conference focused an entire track on this topic, as well. I moderated one day of this track, focusing on the OpenSSL FIPS Module Development Project. Other sessions covered the various existing approaches and standards to open-source crypto, discussing what’s working, as well as what challenges and gaps are emerging.

Innovative Crypto Use Cases

ICMC19 featured several presentations innovative ways organizations are using crypto to manage challenges.

Cygnacom Highlights from ICMC 2019

We were proud and fortunate to lead several components of the ICMC19 event:

  • FIPS and Common Criteria: Symbiotic Certifications:

    As Senior Director of Cygnacom's government accredited FIPS 140-2 and Common Criteria lab, I was invited to moderate a panel that discussed artifacts reuse within the FIPS and Common Criteria security certifications.

  • Certificate Maintenance: 3Sub vs. 5Sub:

    Cygnacom Security QA Engineer, Abdullah Abubshait, outlined the difference between security-related and non-security-related changes, and gave attendees a baseline for determining whether security-related changes require a modified module to be submitted under scenario 5 (full submission) or the less time- and cost-intensive scenario 3 under current IG G8 regulations.

  • Cygnacom’s Jonathan Smith wins Crytpo Jeopardy — again:

    For the third year in a row, Cygnacom Senior Security QA Engineer, Jonathan Smith, successfully defended his Crypto Championship in the Crypto Jeopardy game show. Congratulations, Jonathan!

  • Cygnacom Attends CMVP Annual Meeting:

    Immediately before the start of ICMC19, CMVP held its annual meeting with CST Lab management. This year’s meeting was particularly significant as the program is entering a period of several major transitions. Click here for a recap of the most significant proposed changes.

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