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FIPS Services

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Cygnacom’s Cryptographic Equipment Assessment Laboratory (CEAL) has been accredited as a Cryptographic and Security Testing Laboratory (CSTL) since June 1995, with over 200 successful module validations from over 70 companies to date.

CEAL works with vendors to certify NIST approved and NIST recommended cryptographic algorithms and components of algorithms under the Cryptographic Algorithm Validation Program (CAVP), established by NIST and Communications Security Establishment (CSE).

CEAL added NPIVP smartcard applets and middleware testing in 2005 in support of HSPD-12 vendors who provide their products on FIPS 140-2 validated modules.

CEAL facility undergoes rigorous inspections and audits. CEAL staff are trained and tested to ensure a thorough understanding of all aspects of testing including maintaining confidentiality and keeping our customers in the loop throughout the entire process.

Pre-Evaluation Assessment

CEAL offers Pre-Evaluation Services to assist your organization with validation preparation. Our security engineers will help your organization avoid frustrating delays and additional costs by making sure the product and your team is ready for the validation. Pre-Evaluation process will guide you through:
  • Identifying areas of non-conformance
  • Addressing unmet FIPS 140-2 requirements
  • Defining cryptographic module boundary (both physical and logical)
  • Evaluating applicability of existing documentation
  • Navigating the certification process

Validation and Support Services

The following validation and support services are available:
  • Product validation to the FIPS 140-2 requirements
  • Certification consultancy for future products
  • Identifying non-conformance issues
  • Advocating your point of view to the CMVP
  • Algorithm validation and certification
  • Project management and scheduling of validation activities
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